About Ridgeview old

Carrier Neutral Data Center


  • Biometrics
  • Man Traps
  • All digital cameras
  • NOC staffed onsite 24/7/365
  • All visitors are screened and logged


  • Carrier Neutral
  • FMMR (Fiber Meet Me Room)
  • MICE remote switches on-prem (pending MICE approval)


  • Simple hands and feet by request
  • Many common tools available (screwdrivers, carts, crimpers, etc.)
  • Many commodity parts and hardware available (velcro, cable ties, nuts, bolts, patch cables, power cables, etc.)
  • Hotel/Lodging available nearby
  • Guest WiFi Internet

Fire Suppression

  • FM 200, no water
  • Vesda

Floor Space

  • Private cages available
  • Full rack 19″
  • Shared rack space 19″
  • Raised floor